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What is a Mobile Home?

The home that goes wherever you want to go

The home that goes wherever you want to go. How do you imagine your dream home to be? Would you like to take it with you wherever you go? Would you like to move it according to each season? Then you are looking for a mobile home.

A mobile home, as the name suggests, is a home that you can move. A home equipped with chassis frame, wheels and tow rope that makes it 100% transportable. It is very easy to move, it does not need to be disassembled, and there is no need to anchor it to the ground by any means. It does not need to be assembled: no foundations nor any Public Works connections. This means that our mobile homes are qualified as “personal property”, according to Section 335 of the Spanish Civil Code*.

Our mobile homes and bungalows qualify for UNE-EN 1647 Regulation**, that regulates leisure accommodation vehicles and mobile homes. Each one is identified by a chassis number and a licence number, which appear in the mobile home documents as well as in the licence located at the entrance door.

Therefore, technically speaking, a mobile home is a type of industrialised property, self-supporting, monoblock, that uses chassis, axle, tyres, and reversible tow rope in order to make transport easy.

Nevertheless, a mobile home is much more than its technical specifications. A mobile home is a complete home that you can design to your taste, with all the comfort and conveniences of a traditional home that you can take wherever you want without worries.

Homes with modern or traditional designs… There are many types of mobile home, but at Alucasa you will always find what you are looking for. If not, we can design it for you, always with our company’s quality and long-lasting hallmarks.

Discover our models and feel the Alucasa experience.

*Goods considered to be personal properties not falling within the previous chapter and generally all properties that can be transported from one place to another, notwithstanding the real property to which they may have been attached.

**This defines mobile home as a “transportable leisure accommodation vehicle” which is not classified as a building or highway vehicle, that is mobile and designed to be occupied occasionally or temporarily.”

Break free with Alucasa

Freedom of choice is the main advantage offered by an Alucasa mobile home. Would you like your home to be in your favourite place? How many rooms will it have? Will there be a terrace? Choosing a mobile home has many advantages, but freedom is the most remarkable. Freedom to choose how would you like your home to look and its location. Freedom to personalise each detail, colour, texture and finishing touch. Freedom to take it wherever you want.

Due to the high standards that we work to at Alucasa, all our mobile homes are known for their quality and durability as well as an excellent quality-price ratio.

Besides, our homes and bungalows have plenty of advantages, such as:

  • Strong, solid production, internal and external elements are larger and more voluminous, which makes the ensemble stronger.
  • Original internal and external design, with new shapes and mix of materials. Higher roofs, giving a feeling of space and a comfortable interior.
  • High quality, durable materials, reducing internal and external maintenance costs.
  • Energy-efficient, as a result of the excellent walls, floors and roof insulation, of the valve water saving systems and LED lighting in all of our homes.
  • Mobility, which is possible due to the 100% galvanized steel manufactured chassis, with axle, wheels, reversible tow rope, making transport easy. Since it is not a fixed installation, it can be easily transported in accordance with the customer’s needs. It comes factory prepared, making assembly incredibly easy and fast with no need for Public work. Ready for use.
  • Profitability, you will soon recover the money invested, due to its high residual value.
  • Versatility and adaptability to its environment, it is very easy to choose the right model, thanks to the different ranges of external finishing touches.
  • Environmentally-friendly, by using ecological and recyclable materials, as well as “Class A energy-efficient” electrical appliances, energy resources are optimised, meaning better use of energy.
  • Fantastically well equipped, we take care of each detail to give our customers the highest comfort.
  • Unbeatable value for money.

Our designs are customised to each client’s needs. Besides our extensive general catalogue, we have an Engineering Projects and Designs Department to help you to select your mobile home in accordance with your needs, preferences or environment.

Our range of materials, in-house production and broad experience help us to give customised solutions to our customers. We would love to give you a first-hand look, which is why we invite you visit our facilities and inspect our models.

Technical Features

What makes our homes so long lasting is the production process and the use of high quality materials. They are made for all type of temperatures, either high or low, as well as for all types of climate. This is very important, because good insulation will undoubtedly provide the highest comfort and save energy consumption.

A detailed explanation of our technical specifications is included below. We have nothing to hide, because is the result of lengthy research into materials and a production process considered “100% without defects”.

Exteriors, because beauty is not only in the interior


The chassis is the part of the mobile home that gives it mobility and strength, essential in the production process.

The mobile home has a rectangular chassis, manufactured in 100% galvanized steel (protected with an anti-corrosive treatment), with continuous filament solders. It comes with a reversible tow rope (in order to make mobile home assembly easier) and detachable pneumatic wheels. 

The floor is made of high-density particle board, covered with a strong parquet-like polyvinyl layer, with the highest resistance in the market. It is resistant to blows, scratches, breaks and water, environmentally friendly, and gives great thermal and acoustic insulation.

External walls. Our manufacturing standar: the highest insulation average


The walls are made of vacuum-pressed sandwich panels. They contain high-density 50mm expanded polystyrene insulation. The following are among the qualities and attributes of expanded polystyrene:

  • High thermal and acoustic resistance. Thermal and acoustic conductivity capacity is very low (i.e. Nightclubs, dance halls, etc.).
  • Self-extinguishable (fire does not spread): it is completely fireproof – Works with disposable fuel.
  • Keeps its shape over the years. Its thermal conductivity does not change, the thermal insulation capacity remains strong over the years.
  • It is not hygroscopic. It does not absorb nor accumulate water, even when submerged.
  • It does not need any kind of protection when used. Harmless.Rot-proof and not susceptible to fungus and microorganisms
  • 100% Recyclable, long-lasting, harmless, inert and ecological material, it does not affect the ozone layer and it is environmentally friendly.

The internal structure is made of pinewood from Switzerland. The sandwich panel interior is made of laminated, washable, scratch-proof Okume/Calabó board.

Once the wall structure has been made, the expanded polystyrene sheets are fixed with a special two-phase adhesive and treated with a vacuum pressing process. This process bonds the different elements of the external walls, to create one element. The purpose of the “vacuum process” is to remove all the internal air from the wall, obtaining a solid, secure wall, with a minimum heat loss. The same process is used to manufacture walk-in freezers, cold storage trucks, aircrafts and yachts.


The external facing material of your choice:

Stucco: stucco, with special plastic paint for external walls, over vacuum pressed marine board.

*Marine board is a plywood of high dimensional strength and stability. It is also resistant to humidity, water, acids, dilute alkali and solvents.

Canexel: Canexel is a Canadian material. It is made of treated high-density wood fibres and epoxy resin, with five coats of paint fired in an oven. No maintenance need.

Once finished we can obtain walls with more than 65mm of thickness.

External points

  • Decorative exterior corner cupboards made of marine board, reinforced with colour-lacquered aluminium and anti-filter treatment.
  • Large sliding windows made with coloured-lacquered aluminium, double glazing and climalit system.
  • External door made with coloured-lacquered aluminium. There are two types depending on the model, two-panel folding or sliding doors, with double glazing and climalit system.
  • External lighting with external IP65 wall lamps.

Roofs, Resistant to high loads of snow and wind with maximum insulation

The roof is made of solid Swiss pinewood lacquered beams. These form a sandwich panel with high-density expanded polystyrene. Next, longitudinal laths are assembled, screwed onto the semi-sandwich structure. Afterwards, insulation is reinforced by placing a fibreglass coat among the laths, the semi-sandwich and the steel roof, achieving a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The tile is manufactured in colour-lacquered, 100% galvanized steel, with a traditional touch.

With great thermal and acoustic insulation.

We offer a choice between continuous (joint free) large aluminium longitudinal gutters, on one or both sides or the installation of corbels.

Interiors: equipment. Customised, stylish furniture

High ceilings with lacquered solid wood beams. Ceiling made with okume plywood board, stucco style with white plastic paint for the interior, with fungicide treatments.

  • Stylish and/or recessed lighting in every room.
  • Electric sockets in every room.
  • Pre – TV antenna installation.
  • Class A energy-efficient electrical appliances.
  • Skirting boards.
  • Smoke Detector
  • LED lighting in every room.

Living Room

  • Fully furnished with stylish furniture, adapted according to the space available.
  • Removable upholstery and washable fabrics.
  • Curtains made of washable fabrics.

  • Protective tempered glass in the cooking area.
  • One handle tap
  • Stainless steel sink with draining board, one handle tap and water volume saving system.
  • High and low cupboards. Low cupboards treated with an anti-humidity protection system. Long-lasting, post-formed kitchen doors with high resistance to abrasion, impact and stain. Stylish designer handles.
  • Thermostable and heavy duty post-formed countertop with high-pressure laminated coating (HPL).


  • Porcelain sanitary ware.
  • Stylish washbasin cupboard.
  • Mirror with dual lighting system.
  • Solid single part shower enclosures made with polystyrene with anti-filter system.
  • Shower screen with waterproof joint comprising two folding sheets, providing the maximum space to access the shower.
  • One handle tap and water volume saving system.
  • Bathroom accessories.


  • Completely furnished with stylish furniture, adapted according to the space available:
    • Spacious wardrobes.
    • Bedside tables.
    • Headboards
  • Metal mattress supports.
  • HR mattresses. Anti-dust mite, antibacterial and hypo-allergenic.
  • Foscurit curtains.

Installations. All the essentials are invisible to the eye

Electrical installations according to Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations (Royal Decree 842/2001). All our mobile homes are fitted with electrical sockets and LED lamps. Basic electrification power, P≥ 5.750 W.

The electrical control panel and switch are formed by:

  • A standard magnetothermic switching capacity 24 A. This switching is separated from the ICP switching, and they cannot be exchanged.
  • An ICP switching capacity 40 a 30Ma to guarantee protection against indirect contact from all circuits.

Installed with three basic independent circuits, as detailed below, each protected by a manual automatic four pole circuit switching.

  • C1- Magnetothermic switching capacity 10 A. to supply lighting power.
  • C2- Magnetothermic switching capacity 16 A. to power sources and the fridge.
  • C3- Magnetothermic switching capacity 16 A. to power sources in the kitchen and bathroom.

According to each customer’s requirements, these circuits can be extended for thermoelectrical, electrical kitchen or dishwasher installation.

The supply connection to the electrical control panel and switch is a unipolar cable of 0.06/1kv nominal voltage in 2X 6 + 6TT sections. The connection is made with a circuit board placed in the lower part of the chassis.


The plumbing system consists of a double cold and hot water circuit, connected and installed in a polybutylene tube, system PB, with an external diameter of 15mm. The circuit has a general switch cock and a tap for the pipe emptying.

We perform a mechanical and watertightness resistance test. The maximum working pressure is of 10 bar., pressure test 3.0Kg./cm2.

Drainage is through a 33mm PVC tube, all siphoned and prepared for final connection to the sewage system, once the mobile home is installed on your plot.

Gas power and distribution is made with a 10 mm copper tube, with silver soldering. Each gas receiver is provided with a separate switch cock and a watertightness resistance test is performed before finishing the gas installation.