casa movil atenas exterior

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my plot need any particular conditions to support a mobile home?

Choosing the place

A mobile home cannot be installed under any circumstance on soft or muddy soil. The ground must be studied, it must not have water problems, such as preferential water drainage or gully water flow.

The soil should be as flat and compact as possible to avoid uneven ground in the future. We recommend installing a concrete slab around the entire perimeter of the mobile home, or burying concrete blocks where the home prop supports will go so they do not sink into the ground, thus avoiding mobile home becoming uneven and any other future problems.

Where public work is not allowed, we recommend you place terrazzo or concrete tails under the prop supports with a surface equal to or lower then 50cm x 50cm.

Is levelling important?

Perfect levelling of the mobile home is crucial. It will ensure that the home stays in optimal condition throughout its useful life. As you may have noticed, the mobile home is placed on a galvanized steel chassis, supported by two bridges throughout its extension, installed with an axle, axle box and tyres.

To keep it level is important to use a levelling tool called a “nivel” (level).

How is the mobile home fixed in place (chocked)?

The mobile home comes with 5 or 6 mechanical jacks, depending on the model. They are used to support the edges of the bridges and external walls. The jacks are provided with a cross-cutting threaded bar and a nut. This elements are made for tightening when necessary, in case there is any doubt about the mobile home levelling.

What about lighting, water and drainage connections?

All of our mobile homes are ready to connect, throughout the chassis, the lighting, water and drainage. The connection must be done by an electrician and a plumber on site. It is a very easy job to do.

Are these mobile homes resistant to all weather conditions and temperatures?

Our mobile homes are produced using the highest technological developments and they are made to withstand to adverse climates and any temperature. In case of snow, the roof is designed to support loads from 750 N/ square metres and its slope, more than 15%. It allows snow to slide off as it builds up on the roof.

How long do they last?

They can last forever, due to the high quality of their materials. They are made of solid and long-lasting materials, such as the 100% galvanized steel chassis, the external coverings like canexel, etc. See the technical specifications. Like any other house, how long it will last will depend on how its owner takes care of it.

What do they include?

Our models are delivered completely furnished and equipped with electrical appliances, curtains, lamps, etc. Ready to use. Depending on the chosen model and brand, each product may have a different equipment. Each model comes with its technical specifications that contain the equipment details.

How do we transport them?

This type of home is an industrialised property, self-supporting, monoblock, that uses a chassis, axle, tyres, and reversible tow rope to make transport easy.
We transport them completely assembled. We load them onto a lorry and we deliver them onto the plot. We use a special lorry with a cab.

Can I transport one of these with my 4×4?

The tow rope is very useful for short distance transportation, around the plot or when assembled for instance, but it is not suitable to transport the mobile home from one place to another. This must be done with a special lorry.