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Holiday Homes


Open the door to a new way to enjoy your holiday. Thanks to the variety of models, the range of holiday homes Alucasa transport you to fresh and functional rooms where you can forget all your worries. Do not you wish you were somewhere else.
Residential Homes


The pleasure of home and all the comfort and equipment. The freedom to customize every detail. The peace of mind with high durability and reliability of the materials. Get inside the residential housing Alucasa and choose how you want your new home.


A shelter in the garden, a magical house, a fort in over their heads ... Let your imagination fly and Immerse yourselves in a world of adventure with Kids Alucasa models. Wooden houses large and small where you can live great deeds to quality assurance and Alucasa.

mobile homes & bungalows

casas móviles y casas prefabricadas
Since 1977 we have innovated to be among the first European manufacturers of mobile homes and prefabricated houses.

RESIDENCIALES MÓVILES, S.A. a Alicante's company that, since 1977, is engaged in manufacturing mobile homes or bungalows, prefabricated houses, etc. It is a leader in the national and international market for the high quality and design in their products.

Our mobile homes are manufactured following an industrial process. When built in the factory, the price of a mobile home is reduced but the quality is still very high. Alucasa is the leader in Spain of mobile home built in factory.
We have factory facilities that have more than 35,000 square meters where we built each mobile home and where we also manufactured the different accessories for each house.


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